A collection of frequently asked questions and answers. If you have any, please just let us know we'll be happy to help.

My Website

Can I improve my Google ranking?

Yes - When IdyMED joins your team a dedicated Search Engine Optimization manager chooses the right combination of approaches to get you the ranking you deserve including on-page, off-page and technical SEO.

How can more people find my medical practice on the web?

When IdyMED joins you we start to increase your visibility from day one. IdyMED specialists can manage your SEO, your directory and review site listings and suggest ad campaigns. That means patients are no longer hunting for you - they’ll see you.

How do I know my website is really creating more visits?

When IdyMED joins your team you now have easy-to-follow dashboard performance reports. We’ll show you how to drill down as deep as you want to go to look at anything you want to measure.

Will my page one ranking ever drop?

IdyMED knows medical website design. It’s not enough for your site to simply appeal to visitors, it has to attract search engines. Basically web search engines send out “spiders” to crawl millions of sites every second. What they find, or don’t find, determines how your site ranks. Because internet usage constantly changes, spider techniques get smarter each time.

IdyMED thinks like a search engine. With super clean code, keywords, fresh relevant content, cross channel integrations IdyMED continually feeds and entices smart spiders.

Can I make my website more interactive?

You bet! IdyMED can create secure appointment requests, access to patient portals, online patient forms, responsive sites (for mobile and tablet devices), online surveys, patient information videos...with IdyMED on your team there’s no limit to how interactive you can be.

How can our website stand out among competitors and show we are unique?

IdyMED can refresh and optimize the design you already use or our medical design experts can create a brand new customized design. If you are thinking about rebranding you have a highly experienced IdyMED team right there to help from design, to rebrand launch, to brand awareness across all your marketing channels.

Can our online presence reinforce patient trust?

Yes. IdyMED knows it takes less than 1 second for users to form an opinion about your web site. Fast access, easy-to-use tools, helpful content all make a visitor decide if they will they stay or leave. Add secure and compliant design, reliable and secure hosting and you are reinforcing trust from that very first click.

Will I get technical support when I need it?

IdyMED truly joins your team. That means we share your goals and that in turn means we have the same commitment to urgency that you do. Our help-desk is staffed by our solutions experts themselves. No customer service representatives. No frustrating ticket systems. You’ll never get a recorded message telling you your call is important - we know it is!

My Social Media & Video

Can social media really bring me more patients?

Yes, with IdyMED it can. Your dedicated IdyMED medical social media manager works with a content marketing specialist to develop a strategy that increases patient engagement. We monitor which content to post on which social networks such as FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and we skillfully use techniques that optimize traffic to your website.

Next IdyMED shares performance metrics and results with you. You can see trends, engagement and you can also monitor the success of a specific campaign in real time.

How important is video marketing?

It’s important. YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine (after Google) and 72% of all consumers (including patients) say they would rather learn about a product or service by way of video.

When the IdyMED team joins with your team then, overnight, you have access to video and graphics experts who can produce and SEO customized animated medical videos, patient information videos, provider education videos, banners and posts.

IdyMED’s video communications department doesn’t end there. We can offer filming, on-location event streaming, video production and editing.

My Digital Marketing

What exactly is digital marketing and why do I need a strategy?

Today’s smart practices need to meet patients where they are already spending time: on the internet.

Digital marketing is any form of marketing that exists online. Medical digital marketing is now so common that patients expect and rely on it as a way to learn more about your practice. Digital marketing has a vast array of options and techniques. You could experiment with them and learn as you go or have IdyMED’s skilled medical digital marketing specialists join your team to create, and show you, effective, budget-driven strategies customized to your practice.

Can medical digital marketing help if I want to grow fast now?

Yes. All IdyMED strategies are uniquely customized to your goals. Just like any other specialty there are different techniques for whatever outcome you need.

An immediate spike in patient census? We’ll show you how. Patient retention in a crowded competitive space? Steady, manageable growth? You decide on the goal and our experts join you to meet and surpass it.

Can I develop my practice’s digital marketing myself?

Smaller practices may have one generalist trying to manage a range of digital marketing channels all at the same time. Larger companies have multiple specialists that each focus on just one or two channels.

When IdyMED joins your team that’s the same competitive advantage that you now have. Digital marketing shows you what’s working (or what’s not) much faster than old school advertising guess work ever did. That means you can be more cost effective and manage your ROI and budget better than ever before.

Whether you're a complete beginner or have a little more experience, IdyMED will show you, and walk you through, exactly how we are driving results for you.

My Reputation Management

How do I manage online reviews?

It's estimated that over 80% of patients research medical practitioners’ “scores” before their first appointment. Patient reviews can present ethical and legal challenges and trying to manage them on multiple platforms can be complex.

Your IdyMED medical reputation management specialists turn this unique challenge into an essential proven winning strategy.

Can I improve our scores to reflect what we deserve?

Yes. IdyMED can create and manage Google pages, Yelp, Healthgrades, LinkedIn and more.

IdyMED then has approved HIPAA compliant review optimization tools that accept all reviews while ethically maximizing your positive reviews and minimizing negative reviews. IdyMED can even reduce patient turnover by immediately notifying you about unhappy patients.

What if I can’t respond to reviews or I’m concerned about HIPAA guidelines?

IdyMED uses HIPAA compliant technology to increase the number of your reviews and continually monitor them. We know automated responses are obvious and counterproductive - and so an experienced and knowledgeable IdyMED team specialist assists you with careful responses using compliant best practices.

Can I tell at a glance what my patients are saying?

Your online reputation trends are monitored using IdyMED AI technology. Patient comments and trends are analyzed and presented for you as a dashboard that can also drill down into any level of detail you want to see.

Can I find areas of opportunity to improve patient experience?

Yes. With IdyMED's reputation management system and specialists as part of your team you’ll see patient satisfaction comments, data and trends revealing specific areas of opportunity for service improvement.

Confidential call tracking is an additional available option that can help evaluate and level up your “frontline” service performance.

Physician Referral Networking

How can I protect and increase the patient referrals I get from other providers and practices?

IdyMED can help you develop data-driven healthcare marketing plans that support your growth and positioning within local markets. This can include go-to-market Provider Liaison marketing - creating and maintaining positive relationships with referring providers and healthcare practices. We can assist in recruiting, training and managing Provider Liaisons - from part-time to FTEs.

What if I don’t have the bandwidth to carefully manage Provider Liaisons?

An IdyMED healthcare referrals expert is available to provide a structured program with hands-on support in recruiting and supporting the Provider Liaisons that are right for your practice.

Your IdyMED specialist can help guide strategic direction, develop disease state and specialty knowledge and provide regular feedback and coaching. Monitoring the impact of customer interactions ensures ROI, compliance with federal/state rules and regulations and enables liaisons to adapt their call activities to uncover and develop key opportunities in your local market.