Services We Offer

Powerful expertise, guided by decades of combined experience.

Our experts are skilled in working seamlessly with you, focused exactly on your marketplace, exactly on your goals.

Strategic Marketing Plans

IdyMED can help you develop data-driven, strategic detailed healthcare marketing plans that support your growth and positioning within local markets. We analyze and help you select what mix of marketing channels, strategy and tactics will work best for you and optimize your ROI.

Marketing Action Plans

IdyMED will help you define and track your specific, accountable action plan informed by your strategic marketing and business plans. What do we need to do? Who’s going to do it? When? How do we measure results?

Medical Website Development

IdyMED knows medical website design. It’s not enough for your site to simply appeal to visitors, it has to attract search engines. Our dedicated Search Engine Optimization manager will drive the ranking you deserve; our medical design experts can refresh or create customized design; programmers produce super clean code; content experts continually feed fresh, relevant content.

Digital Marketing

Meet patients where they are already spending time: on the internet. Digital marketing has a vast array of options and techniques. IdyMED’s skilled medical digital marketing specialists join your team to create, and show you, effective, budget-driven strategies customized to your practice.

Search Engine Marketing

When IdyMED joins you we start to increase your visibility from day one. IdyMED specialists can manage your SEO, your directory and review site listings and suggest ad campaigns. That means patients are no longer hunting for you - they’ll see you.

Paid Search Advertising

Knowledgeable planning and execution are necessary to maximize site traffic and conversion rates within your budget and cost parameters. With years of experience in Paid Search Marketing, IdyMED can turn this into one of your top patient generating services. Custom designed landing pages, calls to action, carefully researched keyword lists are part of this overall strategy to increase targeted traffic to your practice.

Social Media Marketing and Management

Your dedicated IdyMED medical social media manager works with a content marketing specialist to develop a strategy that increases patient engagement. We monitor which content to post on which social networks such as FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and we skillfully use techniques that optimize traffic to your website. Next IdyMED shares performance metrics and results with you. You can see trends, engagement and you can also monitor the success of a specific campaign in real time.

Reputation Management

Your IdyMED medical reputation management specialists turn this unique challenge into an essential proven winning strategy. IdyMED has approved HIPAA compliant review optimization tools that ethically maximize your positive reviews and minimize negative reviews. IdyMED’s technology continually monitors your reviews and an experienced and knowledgeable IdyMED team specialist assists you with careful responses using compliant best practices. Comments and trends are analyzed and presented for you as a dashboard that can also drill down into any level of detail you want to see to reveal specific strengths and areas of opportunity for service improvement.

Video Marketing and Production

We know that 72% of all consumers (including patients) say they would rather learn about a product or service by way of video. When the IdyMED team joins with your team then, overnight, you have access to video and graphics experts who can produce and SEO customized animated medical videos, patient information videos, provider education videos, banners and posts. IdyMED’s video communications department doesn’t end there. We can offer filming, on-location event streaming, video production and editing.

Technical support

IdyMED truly joins your team. We’ll have the same commitment to urgency that you do. Our help-desk is staffed by our solutions experts themselves. No customer service representatives. No frustrating ticket systems. You’ll never get a recorded message telling you your call is important - we know it is!

Training and Coaching

What makes IdyMED relationships unique? We join you. We openly show and share our expertise. You can watch advanced marketing techniques as they work and we can even help you learn, teach and train customized, next-level marketing in your own practice.

Whether you're a complete beginner or have a little more experience, IdyMED will walk you through, exactly how we are driving results for you. Additionally if your practice has, or is considering bringing in, referring provider liaisons we can assist your recruiting, training and management of the sales team that’s right for you.